Friday, October 16, 2015

Shooting People And God's Amazing Artistry

After a long and busy day yesterday, we were finally on our way home. Everyone was tired, ready for dinner, and some rest and relaxation as a family. The last stop before home was to the gleaners where I picked up some beautiful produce and therefore the need to process that was priority on the evening's agenda. As we traveled through the beautiful farm land that surrounds our home, the colors and lighting of the fall evening were just stunning and I was itching to get my camera and capture some of the beauty of God's amazing artistry. All thoughts of cleaning produce, and the rest of our pre-planned agenda managed to land on the back burner of my mind. We pulled into the driveway and I left the car running, ran upstairs, and grabbed my camera. Levi joined me as we drove about two minutes away and found ourselves amongst the farmland in one of our favorite areas in the valley. The mist was just beginning to rise along the foothills, and the autumn colors were incredible. God lit up the sky in the prodigious way that only He can, while my son and I drank in every bit of it. The farm land, the hay bales, the surrounding mountains and hills, and we even marveled at the delightful, fall, chill in the air.

The sky was replete with color.
Everywhere we turned it seemed the color palate provided an entirely new and breathtaking scene.

Psalm 19:1
"To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork."

Following an afternoon of sitting while practicing piano, doing home work, and in the car during his sister's piano lessons, and errand running, Levi exhausted all of the pent up energy he was literally bursting with, providing me with more beauty to capture as I watched my son just revel in the open field, the hay bales, and the opportunity provided to play and explore.

The fresh air was invigorating, and provided the energy I needed to head home, unload the van and get busy cleaning produce, and preparing dinner. We drove home from the pristine beauty of the fields, and as we turned onto our gravel drive we were met with yet another spectacular display of color.

Noah met us on the driveway and the boys managed to exhaust more of their substantial mass of energy running races, and playing in the field.


I was chatting with a friend the other day about my love for photography. She confessed to owning the same obsession, and we laughed as we realized that we both see life in "pictures."  It's the way we are wired, and a gift God has given us as a way to thank Him for the many precious moments in life, His provision, the beauty surrounding us even in the midst of pain and trials, our families, friends, memories we make together, and much more. I was pondering our conversation and some remarks from people who don't understand why I take so many pictures and why I post them publicly. As I thought about it, I realized it really comes from gratitude. A gratefulness that even on the toughest of days, there are moments of pleasure to dwell on and give thanks for. A thankfulness that wells up in my heart when I am with people I love, and a desire to capture that moment and memory to enjoy later. Please forgive me if I have offended you by tagging you in too many pictures, or if I have made you uncomfortable by repeatedly making you my shooting target. It really isn't my intention to offend. I am working on it! Hopefully I'll get good enough at this crazy habit that some day you won't be offended anymore, but rather able to see the beauty of the moments captured and be thankful somebody documented that instant in time. In the meantime, I'll attempt to withhold my urges to take a thousand pictures of the same thing/people, so you can relax in my presence, but I can't make any promises. :) :)
Blessings to you,


  1. Those pictures are stunning! I especially like the ones that show the low fog. The goat lounging made me smile. I'm sure you were so refreshed by going back out to take pictures instead of cleaning produce right away.
    I have a friend that LOVES photography and your last paragraph describes the way she thinks too. On rough days, she likes to take a few pictures of the good things happening that day, so as to keep a thankful heart.
    That gave me this idea - you know how bloggers often use November to do 30 Days of Thankfulness. I thought I might try that but just use a photo for each day instead of writing out a post. Life is so extra stressful and worrisome right now - this exercise should help me refocus on being thankful.
    I bet your kids appreciate all your photos one day - and treasure the memories. And - they just might find themselves chasing their own kids around with cameras! You have a gift from God for this Jana - He wants you to use that gift. :)

    1. Lisa, you have no idea how much your words blessed me after a week of feeling crushed by the weight of critical remarks I received regarding this subject, and yet I know God doesn't want me to hide the gifts He has blessed me with under a bushel and that what other people think does not define me. It's all about balance. God wants me balanced and to use these gifts to glorify Him.
      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts that bring confirmation to all He is teaching me.😘 Praying for you and your precious family!

    2. P.S. I love your idea for thirty days of thankfulness. I think I will do that as well!