Friday, April 1, 2016

My Camera Went On Spring Break And I Have The Pictures To Prove It!

This is one of the last Spring Breaks for a couple of our kids.  It's hard to believe they are nearing the end of their high school career so quickly. Just a few minutes ago they were born and now they're trying out their wings and preparing to leave the nest. My motto is "savor the moments" and document them thoroughly. I'm pretty sure my kids are thrilled every time I insert my camera into their "moments." I'm praying they will forgive me later and enjoy the memories they will have as a result of my visual journaling. 
We have enjoyed this week off from the craziness the school week brings, and taken the opportunity to do a few fun things. The weather has been amazing!  Yesterday a few friends and I loaded up our vans with kids and sack lunches, and made our way out to one of our favorite parts of the state. It was wonderful to get out in the fresh air, do a little exploring, learn some state history, and capture a "few" memories of the day.






 Walking Deception Pass Bridge
Views from the bridge







Fort Casey
Please accept my apologies for the massive amount of scenery shots inserted here in the middle.













I was just a little bit obsessed with these beauties and the ocean background....








They had no idea I was in their "moment" at this point. (Insert wicked, cheesy, mom, grin here).



The moment they realized I was in "their moment." It was sort of a slow awakening, as you can see by their expressions....













Photo Bombing at it's finest! Thanks to my friend, Tami. <3




He thought the best way up was to tackle this hill, but....the hill had other ideas. There is an easy stair case to the left.











This little guy was determined to fall off the edge, so he did the combat crawl away from his mom.....hoping she wouldn't detect his movement. It was hilarious!






This has been just a little taste of summer break.....and it's left us ready for more. :)
Happy Spring!

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