Tuesday, May 17, 2016

He's My Hero

When did he become capable of doing a man's job?

When did he get tall enough to push a lawn mower across nearly an acre of grass, and old enough to put in a full day's work, mowing, emptying the grass catcher, watering flowers, helping with the puppies, scooping the yard, weeding the flower bed, and doing his math?



When did he become so capable?
As he scarfed down the (grass fed, organic) cheeseburger that was his reward for a job well done, he sat there discussing the details of puppy care, yard work, and home work, with his Dad and me, and earlier in the day when I stepped outside with my camera, he didn't mind at all, In fact he kept looking up to see if I was watching him. He wanted to know that his mom noticed how hard he was working. With each shot I took, he worked that much harder.
He amazes me!

He's not a big guy. In fact he's actually very small for his age.  He looks six or seven, but he's nine and a half already.....and he does the job of a  man, working alongside his Dad. He doesn't let his small stature stop him. He's not small on the inside. Not at all.

He may be the smallest and the youngest, but he has a big heart, and I'm proud to call him my son.


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