Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Senior Piano Recital......Photo Shoot

A Senior Piano Recital......Photo Shoot
These two girls are graduating in June and after eight years of studying piano, they are preparing for their senior recital, so off we went to capture some fun pictures of their personalities for their recital invitations.
They met each other nearly nine years ago at their very first piano lesson.
In June, they will graduate from high school and celebrate their academic journey and completion of eight years of diligent study in piano theory, performance, and technique.

They will also perform in their Senior Piano Recital together.....their very last of many, recitals over the years.

























Dogs are a common interest for the girls and while we were out taking pictures last week, some friends of ours who raise St. Bernard's, happened to come by. They had a beautiful sixteen week old puppy with them. He is a big, fluffy, gorgeous guy named Brodie. These pictures depict their mutual love for canines. 




Thanks to Dave and Edie for sharing Brodie with us!





I don't know if I've ever seen a book store with so many was slightly overwhelming, but so much fun!




And....then there was music....

If you would like to attend their senior recital, send me a message for details.  It promises to be amazing! <3

Friday, January 27, 2017

A Visual Journey Back Through 2016 Part Two

March 2016
Part One
As I was looking through photos on this journey back through 2016, it became apparent that March was a very busy and adventurous month. Many awesome memories were made with people I love and we enjoyed more than the normal amount of beach escapades that month. It was hard for me to pick my favorite memories, so some of these were chosen just because of the feelings that surfaced as I viewed the pictures.....such happy memories.....of people and the beauty God has created. <3 This is just one day of documented adventure in the month of March, 2016. As a result I'm splitting that month into more than one post. So....I present to you, Part One of March 2016: