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Hello, welcome, and thank you for stopping by!

I started blogging on Xanga about ten years ago. Interacting with other bloggers is one of the reasons I fell in love with it. I have made some wonderful friends through blogging over the years, and I love meeting new people. Please introduce yourself in the comment section and I will always reply, and visit your blog in return. :)

My name is Jana. I am a wife to one amazing man named Rich (ha...my "get rich quick scheme" worked!) :) We are impassioned about seven beautiful individuals who refer to us as their parents (I'm so grateful they admit to that). :)
I am also called Nama by our eight adorable grandblessings. Number nine is currently under construction and we are looking forward to his debut in October, 2015.

Our children are Heidi, Brandi, Natalie, Christine, Timothy, Noah and Levi....in that order. First came four girls and then....three boys. What a difference! We have four grandsons and four granddaughters. Things can get pretty crazy when we are all under the same roof, but crazy is pretty much the core of who we are here, so it's all normal to us! :)

I have a plethora of interests so since I struggle to limit myself to just one passion or interest, you will find a variety of posts here ranging from parenting to grandparenting to photography to home schooling to cooking to working out to organizing, to decorating, Golden Retrievers to mentoring moms, and whatever else I am excited about on a given day. I love so many different things and I'm passionate about each of them. Since the things I write about are always from the heart, no matter how insignificant some of it may seem, I have come to the conclusion that writing about each of these passions really is something that truly nurtures my heart and it is my desire to share that with visitors to this blog! I love coffee and especially when I share a cup with a friend, or my family. I love being a wife and a mom and that will be evident in my posts as well.

One of the passions that tops my list is home schooling and we started that journey twenty-six years ago. Home schooling is one of my greatest passions, and yet it's one I haven't always enjoyed. It has definitely had its ups and downs and has been (and continues to be) one of the greatest tools God has used to stretch and grow me. I think I have learned much more than I have taught as a home schooling mom.

Coffee is another one at the top of my passion list. I love coffee. Coffee is a necessity for moms, whether you home school or not. It brings great comfort on those difficult days, and it's a comfort and treat on the wonderful days as well. A hot bubble bath at the beginning end of an exhausting day  with candles, a hot cup of steamy, organic, dark, robust, coffee and a very loud fan to block out the noise....now that is just sheer bliss! Coffee brings friends and loved ones together, so when you visit this blog, I hope we can chat together over a hot cup (or for many moms it will be a cold cup) of coffee. Just show up with yours and I'll surely be sipping on mine as I type. If you can't find yours, might I suggest checking the microwave? It seems to be a favorite hiding spot for lost cups of Joe.

I enjoy intense workouts, especially strength training, reading, coffee, long walks, hiking, swimming, and camping, coffee, but even more than those things, I love to decorate my home, take pictures of.....pretty much everything, every day, everywhere....especially if the subjects are family, friends, coffee, and our Golden Retrievers.  I also love to sing, especially with my kids and to listen to them play the piano, and I really love a good, strong, organic, cup of black coffee.  There is nothing like it! My husband and I are both Fitness and Nutrition Coaches and I love researching and studying nutrition. By the way, did you know organic coffee is full of antioxidants?

Please don't hate me when I confess that I am a "foodie."  I love to make up and try new recipes. I love to convert our favorite recipes we enjoyed before we started on our journey to health, and make them taste just as good with the added blessing of knowing they are good for us, too. I'm sure you will find various recipes posted as I have time and the memory, to write down what I create in my kitchen.

We also raise Golden Retrievers and as a family we enjoy our little business called North Cascade Golden Retrievers. We occasionally have a littler of high quality hunting dogs and it's a family project that we all take pleasure in. Have you ever snuggled a beautiful, soft, Golden Retriever puppy, while sipping a cup of coffee? Mmmm, there's just nothing like it!

My number one passion, though, is my faith in God and my daily walk with Him. I am passionate about learning to know Him better, through reading His word with a good cup of coffee, (it's like having a coffee date with the most amazing friend ever) and sharing the hope that I have in Him.

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